Nordmark Neutral Protease AF GMP Grade


≥ 100 U (DMC)


(631) 348-0333


Neutral Protease AF GMP Grade is derived from C. histolyticum using a production process completely free of any animal based components. Thus, any risk of transmission of potential animal-derived pathogens is excluded. This purified metalloprotease is suitable for the dissociation of tissue in clinical applications. For especially gentle cell isolation it is recommended to use Neutral Protease AF GMP Grade in combination with highly purified Collagenase AF-1 GMP Grade. ?/span>

Plant-based fermentation process. Contains chromatographically purified neutral protease.
Vial contains not less than 100 DMC U of neutral protease.

Neutral protease activity (DMC) ≥ 0.50 U/mg.


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